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U.S. Hispanic and Latin America Marketing
There are more than 40 million Hispanics in the U.S. today and they represent nearly one trillion dollars in purchasing power. In the next few years Hispanics will be the majority ethnic group. Hispanic business ownership is expected to grow more than 40% in the next 5 -6 years. And with more than 450 million inhabitants in Latin American, they represent a tremendous marketing opportunity as their purchasing power continues to grow.


Pete Garcia founder of PGI became known as the Father of Latizination when he created a unique concept when companies were not paying attention to the Latin market.  He transformed Continental Airlines into a Latinized corporation when no one else in the market was, giving the airline an edge over its competitors.


PGI will Latinize your product and services to reach the market more effectively. We provide effective methods for packaging, delivering, marketing, and ultimately gaining greater profits on your products. We take your product and tailor it to the needs of the US Hispanic, Latin American, and Caribbean markets from developing effective advertising campaigns to market research and customer surveys. We adapt and tropicalize your products to the cultural needs of each unique market.


If you are looking for experience, PGI is the right choice for your business.

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