Dare to Succeed.

Latin America to U.S.
The U.S. has long been a safe haven for foreigners looking into investing or expanding their business in the U.S., but now the weak dollar has made the U.S. market look even more attractive to foreign investors and business owners.


If you are a private individual or have a business and are interested in starting or expanding your business in the U.S. you need to be aware the many intricacies of U.S. policy and laws in order to avoid issues with immigration and taxes later on. PGI can give you an overview of the options open to you, and will review the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to help you pick the best option for your business, yourself and your family.


Business Development Services include but not limited to:

·         Legal Services – Corporate and Immigration

·         Real Estate Services  – Commercial and Residential

·         Banking Services

·         CPA and Tax Services

·         Support for state and local governments’ investment promotion efforts

·         Addressing business climate concerns

·         Government policy guidance

·         Marketing and Branding Consultation

·         Temporary Business Centers

·         Business to Business Networking

·         Hotel accommodations at discounted rates

·         Car rentals at discounted rates

·         Limo and Chauffer Service at discounted rates

·         Investor and Investment Services

·         Franchising Consulting Services


If you are looking for experience, PGI is the right choice for your business.

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