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Travel and Tourism Marketing

Tourism is primarily a service based industry; the principal products provided by tourism industry are recreational experiences and hospitality. These are intangible products and more difficult to market than tangible products such as automobiles. The intangible nature of these services makes quality control difficult but crucial. Since travel is a significant portion of the time and money spent in association with your products as customers must travel to get to it, it is a major factor in people's decisions making process.


The overall “travel experience” has many components such as transportation, accommodations, food and beverage services, shops, entertainment, aesthetics and special events. Most businesses don’t provide the variety of activities or facilities tourists need or desire, which makes maintaining and controlling the quality of the experience more difficult.  To overcome this hurdle, destinations, airports, airlines, hotels and other businesses in the travel industry, must work together to package and promote their products and align their efforts to assure consistency in product quality.


With over 30 years strategic planning experience in the travel and tourism industry, including airline, airports, destination marketing, PGI is able to bring extensive industry expertise and connections to train your top executives on international travel and tourism issues.  


For consultation regarding international route development, strategic planning, profit and loss analysis, and marketing and sales development, please contact PGI.


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