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Welcome to Pete Garcia International


PGI (Pete Garcia International) is a business management consulting firm with over 30 years experience in the travel and tourism industries. PGI offers international business executives guidance and assistance in making their business a success. PGI is a minority owned business and consists of three (3) business units.


PGC – Cross Border Business Development Consulting

Whether you are a business owner from Latin America who wants to expand your business in the U.S., or a U.S. business owner trying to venture out into Latin America, PGI facilitates the process. PGI sets up your business and help you avoid the unnecessary headaches of trying to figure out the procedures of an unknown country.


PGM – Marketing Consulting

PGI specializes multi-cultural international marketing and offers a full range of marketing consulting services including strategic planning, advertising, media and public relations, and much more. Tap into the nearly one trillion dollar purchasing power that exists within the US Hispanic market or bring profitability to your marketing endeavors in the Latin American and Caribbean markets with the expertise of PGI.


PGF – Franchise Consulting

If you want to own a franchise but are unsure of the process involved or how to start the business, PGI will help you throughout the process. PGI is affiliated with a reputable franchise brokerage firm and will assist you in finding the right franchise to fit your needs. PGI even goes a step further in assisting with business issues such as legal/taxes, operations, marketing, and much more, in order to ensure the success of your business. 

If you are looking for experience, PGI is the right choice for your business.


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