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Are you looking for a speaker or business coach that can leave a lasting impact on your audience? Look no further than Pete C. Garcia! He has wowed audiences and helped businesses on six continents, connecting with people of over 100 nationalities. Get ready for an engaging, entertaining and educational experience with Pete - his goal as an inclusionist is to truly connect with his audience. Don't miss out on the chance to have Pete speak at your next event!

Why Should You Consider Pete As A Speaker,Business Coach or International Business Consultant?

When your event is critically important, you need the certainty of an emotionally powerful speaker or coach who will create vibrant interaction, provide relevant content, and help you generate buzz at your event or with your employees. Pete is also an international business consultant and can help with taking your business internationally, finding the right business partners and general business consultations.

Pete takes his clients into international markets. His vast experience and level of contacts abroad as well as his understanding of helping his clients navigate the cultural barriers of business.

Pete is a grateful and extremely easy to work with as a speaker, coach, trainer and business consultant. He will be there to support you before embarking on your international voyage of growing your business globally.

Pete is a grateful and extremely easy to work with as a speaker, coach, trainer and business consultant. He will be there to support you before embarking on your international voyage of growing your business globally.

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Pete C. Garcia

Common Audience Reaction to Pete’s Presentation

Pete Garcia

"Superpowers" (Expertise)

Proven Ideas (Not just theory) A keynote speaker, coach and business development consultant that provides ACTIONABLE takeaways and new business opportunities every time!

Most keynote speakers, coaches and consultants are inspiring, but they lack takeaways and next steps.
Pete is an inspirational keynote speaker, coach and consultant who has the unique ability to open doors and minds, stimulating the imagination and providing your audience with unprecedented growth opportunities. 
His enthusiasm and passion for success will energize your audience, encouraging them to think differently and take action that will bring real results. 
With his extensive international business experience, Pete can help you take your business to the next level. 
He has a global network of business partners and can help you secure new clients for your international expansion. Pete is a true inclusionist, respected by all regardless of religion, culture, nationality or creed. Unleash your potential with Pete and watch your business soar!

Keynotes on Cultural Quotient and Open-Minded Thinking

Pete is an expert in international business success, offering informative presentations, coaching programs and consultancy on how to maximize revenues and employee well-being. He is passionate about helping executive leaders understand the value of international growth, international cultures and how to achieve it. 
Which of his engaging presentations or coaching programs will be most beneficial to your audience?
Pete delivers clear messages on how international businesses can be at their most successful levels for both revenues and employee well-being. Pete coaches’ executive leaders on how to maximize their human capital by understanding the value to their international growth and how to accomplish this. Which presentation or coaching program or consultancy will resonate more with your audience and clients?

  • Pete Garcia Keynote 1

    International Joint Ventures and Partnerships

    45-minutes | 90-minutes

    International joint ventures & partnerships provide the perfect opportunity for organizations to learn how to become effective international business leaders. 
    With 45 years of experience in the international business arena, Pete has the knowledge and expertise to bring clarity to the complexities of the international community. Through his innovative presentations and engagement, Pete will help your audience or employees better understand the business landscape and how to succeed in it. 
    Additionally, Pete offers consulting services to help organizations expand and acquire new international customers. His consultancy and presentations are suitable for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of any size.
    Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes. Whether looking to grow your business or improve its effectiveness in the global marketplace, Pete can help!

  • Pete Garcia Keynote 2

    What is your CQ+Cultural Quotient?


    The Station

    This is Pete’s most requested Keynote! If you want your audience to say: WOW! what a GREAT presentation! You need to bring Pete to your next event and let him share for 45 minutes or the time you alot to use all his incredible PEOPLE tools. He helps bring PEOPLE together by having a better understanding of the global and diverse world we live in. We can guarantee that your audience will be listening to every word, taking copious notes of this one-of-a-kind presentation. Remove the “I never knew”. Pete has been voted best speaker multiple times after his presentations.
    The same practices are applicable to training your international directors on the value of the people of different cultures.

  • Pete Garcia Keynote 3

    YOU - ME- THEM??? It's all about the PEOPLE!



    This thought-provoking, high-energy experience will forever alter your organization’s mindset in a positive way. PERFECT keynote to kick off an event where participants will be challenged to think differently, to open their minds and eyes and then their hearts to new business opportunities. This presentation is fun, witty, and full of insights. If your organization is going through a change of management, a merger or if you want your Gen X and Millennial employees to see the world in the same way this presentation is perfect for you. Think “making change happen through understanding people different from themselves” or creating a high-performance culture of change. Pete will adapt your presentation specifically for your audience. Pete strives and succeeds in ensuring the inclusion of all. 
    Perfect for departmental or organization-wide events

  • Pete Garcia Keynote 4

    Holy ....! Crisis brings Innovation and Opportunity



    Discover how to spark innovation and creative thinking in any organization by being PREPARED for the next big crisis because it will come. History tells us that. The crisis may not be your company’s crisis, it could be a global financial or health crisis or a natural disaster. Or it could come from within your own organization.BE PREPARED for it! Pete helps your management prepare for the crisis whether internal or external.
    “How do we turn this mess into a revenue generating opportunity”, and “Why didn’t we prepare before?” are some of the common reactions to this presentation. 45 or 90 minutes of what happens when we are not prepared no matter the industry, size of company or the geographic region.
    Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes as well as training courses for your key communications and planning personnel.

  • Pete Garcia Keynote 5

    Get Your Point Across Every Time! (Innovative and Highly Effective Communication)


     120 minutes

    Pete helps close the gap between what’s shared and what’s understood, which is mostly caused by cognitive diversity. When we’re misunderstood, we feel confusion, frustration, and that reality is falling short of our expectations. If you want to develop “superhero” communication skills, you need to understand cognitive diversity. You want to learn how to first listen to understand and then deliver messages that stick thus enhancing growth. If you want your team to feel connected, understood, engaged, and operate in harmony like a symphony you need to know how to deliver a message and get your point across clearly and effectively. People who develop “superhero” communication skills excel! Their organizations prosper!
    Perfect for departmental or organization-wide events. Engage with Pete to grow your business globally.

Which International Organizations Have Used Pete's Insights To Gain A Competitive Edge?

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Many of Pete's Clients Bring Him Back Regularly To Their Organizations!

Ernesto Verdugo

 Pete Garcia is a gifted speaker, mentor and international expert whose wisdom has affected audiences worldwide. 
He has a unique ability to connect with people and deliver his knowledge in a relatable and engaging way. His speeches not only educate but also motivate and empower listeners.
What sets Pete apart is his authenticity and kindness. He truly cares about his audience and makes sure everyone feels heard and understood. He is approachable and his positive energy is contagious.
As a mentor, Pete is a natural leader. He is generous with his time and experience, and his guidance has helped many individuals achieve their goals. He is patient and understanding, making him an ideal mentor.

Ernesto Verdugo

CEO and Co-Founder
Speak Internationally


Pete Garcia is not just an expert; he is the Father of Latinization in the airline industry. 
His title is more than just a label; it's a testament to his profound impact on expanding airline operations into Latin America and the Caribbean.
As the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at United Airlines, I've had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Pete on numerous projects. 
From day one, it was evident that Pete possesses an unparalleled blend of expertise, passion, and cultural understanding that makes him a standout leader in his field.
If you're considering expanding your business into Latin America or the Caribbean, I can't recommend Pete highly enough. He's not just a consultant; he's a game-changer. With Pete on your team, you're not just adopting a strategy; you're embracing a vision for success.

Dave Hilfman

Former Senior VP Global Sales. United Airlines


My first experience with Pete Garcia started while attending a four-day advanced Mastermind Group. During the time we spent together, I learned about Pete’s extensive international background and his achievements in the airline industry. This gave me a remarkable understanding of the knowledge that he has about People of The World and the positive effects it can deliver when we learn more about others.
International trade is here to stay and grow. Pete can help your international leaders develop new business and grow existing client revenues through the better understanding of their needs and wants.. The information that Pete can share with your company and employees and the way he shares it is truly effective!
Many of Pete's clients Bring Him Back Regularly To Their Organizations!

Tim Culp

President/CEO TWC Business
Development & Consulting


10 Reasons To Hire Pete For Your Next Event:

Pete Garcia Reasons 1
Pete Garcia in Bahrain
Pete Garcia in Mumbai
Pete C Garcia Speaking At Rice University
  • I am committed to providing you with the necessary support and assistance to ensure your event and/or business is a success. I am always willing to work with you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • I will always finish my presentation and consulting agreements on-timeI respect and value the time given for me to present to an audience or your leaders.

  • I will captivate and mesmerize your audience with my presentations. My talks are stimulating, enjoyable, interactive, and unforgettable. Prepare to be inspired and amazed as I share my knowledge and expertise!

  • I am grateful to have been hired and I am committed to making your life easier. I do not have any special requirements and I am willing to do whatever is asked of me.

  • I will tailor my content and consultancy to suit your specific audience and clientele, and I am prepared to handle any situation that may arise. You can be sure that I will always provide the best service.

  • I aim is to always provide more than what is requested and to do so with the highest level of quality. I strive to build long-term relationships with my clients.

  • I believe that there are always ways to find mutually beneficial solutions. Let's discuss and see if we can come up with something that works for both of us.

  • I am an experienced speaker, consultant and coach, and I am well-versed in running events and meetings efficiently. Consider me a part of your event team, always ready to help and serve!

  • My aim is to help you in whatever way I can. If I do, I'm sure you will be pleased to invite me back, and if I'm lucky, you may even refer me to some of your professional connections.

  • Allow me to be the speaker or a coach at your event or in your offices and you can be sure that your audience, employees and directors will be appreciative. Sit back, relax and watch your international business grow!

Global Experience:Pete C. Garcia Has Over 40 Years of Speaking & Training Experience on 6 Continents & Is Fluent in English and Spanish.

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  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues
  • Pete Garcia with his Colleagues

Bring Pete's innovation insights, knowledge, skills and experiences to your next event or corporate meeting.