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Professional Business Services We Provide

Business Consulting

Professional accounting, audit, fiscal services and business set up and strategy to help companies grow in Mexico. Our team has over 40 years of experience in helping companies navigate the Mexico tax and accounting laws and delivers a quality service.

Business Consulting

Business coaching and strategy to help companies grow in Mexico.

Industrial Road Paving

PGI has partnered with an innovative manufacturer of road paving products. The product is an eco-friendly product invented at the University of Texas-Austin. The water based product leaves 10X less carbon footprint on the planet. it is stronger than asphalt and the cost is similar or in many cases less than asphalt depending on size of project. The product is ready to drive on hours not days meaning road closures are minimized substantially.

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Real Estate in Mexico - Nationwide

Whether you want a vacation home on the beach or an apartment in Mexico City or a new office in Monterrey, our team offers over 54 years of experience in the real estate marketplace in Mexico. We ensure our customers receive the best care in finding exactly what the need and want.Many Americans and other foreigners are working remotely and find Mexico a great option due to the lower cost of living and vast air travel options available. Another exciting option is to become a vacation home investor in the country.